Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Qilu equity trading center

Issuing time:2022-02-21 21:56

On the morning of December 30, 2016, 11 enterprises in our city held a centralized listing ceremony in Qilu equity trading center. Including Shandong Lianmei Spring Technology Co., Ltd., Dongying Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd., Shandong KaiHong Insurance Sales Co., Ltd. and Weihai Hongfang metal composite Co., Ltd.

It is understood that in 2016, there were 30 newly listed enterprises in Dongying City, with a total of 70. The industry covers traditional advantageous industries, electronic information, new energy and other strategic emerging industries and modern service industries, which has played an important role in broadening financing channels, standardizing governance structure and improving core competitiveness.

In 2016, the city attached equal importance to enterprise listing and listing, equity financing and bond financing, and promoted enterprises to connect with the capital market through multiple channels. In the whole year, 5 enterprises were newly listed on the "new third board", reaching a total of 17, 1 enterprise was newly listed and assisted by the provincial securities regulatory bureau, and the total number of listed enterprises reached 7; Eleven enterprises raised nearly 20 billion yuan by issuing corporate bonds. Corporate bond business grew rapidly, with a new financing of 9 billion yuan.

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