Paper bag product series
Focus on providing professional "integrated packaging overall solution" for high-quality customers at home and abroad

Valve pocket

The packing bag fed from the valve port is filled with professional filling equipment. After filling the materials, it automatically forms a cuboid. It has the characteristics of high filling efficiency, neat stacking, firmness and reliability, convenient transportation and elegant appearance......
Square bottom bag

It is also called open square bottom bag or single end paste bottom bag. The bottom of the bag is aligned, folded and glued. After filling, it is rectangular. Sticking a firm cover paper can increase the strength.......
Heat sealing bag

It is also called the replacement mouth hot-melt plastic bag or the turnover heat sealing bag. It adopts the multi-layer kraft paper staggered cutting technology, and the opening is like a ladder.......
Sewn bottom bag

Also known as open seam bottom bag, it uses special suture, special wrinkle paper or heat sealing paper and other materials to sew the packaging bag at the bottom.......
Focus on providing professional "integrated packaging overall solution" for high-quality customers at home and abroad

Use good raw materials and make good products

Global procurement, absorbing the advantages of the world. We have not only established long-term and stable business cooperation with domestic excellent upstream suppliers, but also imported high-end paper and raw materials from Sweden, the United States, Canada, Finland and other countries. "Using good raw materials and making good products" is our firm belief.

R & D Center

Well equipped equipment is the primary guarantee to improve product quality. The main production equipment of the company is domestic well-known brand machines, and the overall configuration reaches the international advanced equipment level, which provides a good guarantee for the production of high-quality products.

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