Talent cultivation view

Combined with the needs of the company's strategic development, carry out planned training for employees to improve their basic quality.
Talent cultivation view

Both ability and political integrity, both inside and outside; Appoint people on merit and compete fairly. As an enterprise that participates in changing the future, Zhengyi packaging will continue to develop and progress under the leadership of leaders and move towards a more brilliant future.
Talent concept view

Reasonable authorization without doubt; Give full play to one's talents without seeking perfection

Talent cultivation view

Talent is a galloping horse. Bole attracts it. Form a differentiated management system for different talent groups, form a closed-loop management of talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention, promote employees in key positions to carry out multi post, cross function and cross industry experience, constantly optimize the matching degree between people and posts, people and teams, people and organizations, improve the structure and level of talent team, and maintain the passion and vitality of the organization.
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